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EKT has a long tradition of Pro Bono work and activity in the Community.
For many years, EKT has participated in the Pro Bono Programme of the Israel Bar Association known as " Schar Mitzvah, meaning the Good Deed shall itself be the Reward. The Programme is designed to provide access to justice and to the Courts for members of the public who would otherwise be denied legal redress due to their limited financial means. Law firms participate in this programme throughout the length and breadth of Israel. EKT mans the Pro Bono office in Jaffa, South of Tel Aviv, in a disadvantaged area co-habited by Israeli Jews and Arabs for generations. Every week, one of a team of around 20 EKT lawyers provides Pro-Bono services to members of the public referred by the Israel Bar Association.
EKT also deals with individual Pro Bono cases for clients who cannot afford to pay for legal services, such as arrears of mortgage payments, rights of Holocaust Survivors, rights of employees, rights of family members in Probate and Estate matters, and settlement of outstanding debts.

Once a fortnight, an EKT lawyer provides Pro Bono legal services via Shil, a Citizens Advisory Services programme run by the Ministry of Welfare.

The firm is also involved in a number of Community and Charity activities including AKIM the National Association for Advancement of People with Mental Disability in Israel, where a Senior Partner of the firm is a long serving member of the Contributions Board.
The Pro Bono and Community work of EKT and its legal term has been widely recognized by the Israel Bar Association, by leading Legal Publications, and most recently internationally by the International Bar Association.
In 2014, the Co-ordinator of the Israel Bar Associations Pro Bono programme was invited to participate in the International Bar Associations prestigious IBA Pro Bono Award. He progressed through the various stages of the competition and reached the final round, where 7 candidates were selected worldwide.
EKT has been ranked by Dun & Bradstreet as a leading law office in Israel in the field of Pro Bono work for 3 years in succession, in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

In 2012, the Israel Bar Association recognized the achievements of the firm in the Pro Bono field by granting EKT the prestigious Award of Appreciation for exceptional efforts in granting legal aid and assistance to members of the public in need.

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